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Dotabuff Plus is our premium service for players who want to get more from their statistics. Plus members enjoy exclusive access to new features that are too difficult or expensive to operate for everyone. Help us make Dotabuff better!

NEW:See which heroes you're good or bad against

A new player profile tab helps understand strengths and weaknesses when playing with or against other heroes. Easily view which heroes you're especially good or bad against, or see which heroes you really want on your team.

NEW:Find out which friends help you win or make you lose

This new player profile tab analyzes your matches to find which players you're best or worst with. You can also see which opponent players are most easy or difficult to win against!

NEW:Measure your success hero-by-hero

This new view added to the player hero summary page details which heroes you're most and least successful. It's an easy way to track your progress as you improve with specific heroes, or the strengths and weaknesses for another player.

Stay up to date with a personalized dashboard

Dotabuff Plus members get a completely re-imagined home page. View a summary of your last week including a graph of your win rate and your complete match results broken down by game mode and hero. Follow your friends and pro players to see how they are doing!

Find out if you've ever played with a pro

The Played With Me feature helps you discover whether or not you've played with or against another player and see how you compare match by match.

Chart your progress with the player trends tab

These charts only available to Plus members help track your progress over time. Quickly visualize any changes in win rate, KDA ratio, gold and experience per minute, or last hits and denies per minute.

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This one is easy: Dotabuff Plus members don't see any advertisements. Enjoy the site without any additional clutter or distraction.

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Support from Plus members helps maintain and improve Dotabuff. Thank you for your support!

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