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brag or cry about your mmr here! :P
posting mine as soon as i get one :))
E-penis topic. :D

I am looking forward to a shitload of rivers filled with tears. The matchmaking system is broke. I am getting teamed with russians, stacks, mexicans. My rating is not fair. I am better than this, fuck valve, fuck that broken matchmaking system.

Gonna be fun. Popcorn? =D

I will poste mine as well. And of cause, my rating will not reflect my current skill-level. I am getting paired with russians causing me to lose the game. ;-)
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Mine 4280 after the 10th game. Can't play anymore, playing 10 consecutive match in a row is stupidly crazy. I'll update again after the 20th game.
Do we have any idea what the average rating will be? I guess your rating is pretty good tbh. Good winrate and solo q all the time.
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@ Vi's nice rating even tho you lost 6/7 of your last games thats top 1% according to valve. I played you on my first ranked game
@Linkun: Yeah well thanks to you I started the losing streak! That rating is is top 1% if compare on normal current MMR, as the majority of player doesn't have ranked rating yet(Wraith-night zzzz). Ranked MMR percentile is yet to establish.
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won my first ranked match :D
System: Inserting Troll Comment
47% wr too imba ye
mine is 4902 . is it good?
Yes 4900 is very good, almost mmr like pros.
I lost my first 3 ranked games..
It's probably on the same scale as TMM; anything above 4k is most likely better than >99% of pubs.
Taylor Swift
looks like ppl is even more retarded in ranked games
CST eskillz
I got 5286 Party Rating
edit: won all 10 games
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CST eskillz
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anyone else having problems with the system not registering ranked matches? I've played 3 matches already but I can only see one match played. It even says 9 matches remaining to determine mmr in dota.
"The Dota 2 API is currently unavailable. Results from your new matches will appear once it returns."
just a delay
@ Venusaur was that the same 3 stack for all 10 or did some games have different groups? Does it give you the rating for your group like with tMMR or just you in any stack?

Do you think winning 10/10 moved you up from your pub stacking MMR? You have two teams shown at the moment and the Ranked MMR ended up a bit higher than the higher tMMR team.
CST eskillz
We played 5 stack the first 3-4 games. However the 2+ in that stack is much lower then the 3-stack I played with. Blastois who stacked with me got 5715 and flyingfrick got 4500ish. So it's different from player to player even if you stack with same people for 10 games.

I don't think so. Maybe it did. But I think it's where I am supposed to be. I usually play at page1 and I think page1-players are 5k+ probably
So supports are underrated by the system?
^ main factor is win/loss. if you play to win you will get better rating then if you play heroes that need team support and then cry how bad your team is.
CST eskillz
Maybe it is. But I think flyingfrick is a bit lower then me and Blastoise in skill-level too. So maybe it doesn't.
Thank you. Yes that agrees with what I saw back when I was checking the tMMR of all the page 1 and page 2 players.

This is just a few people so far, but it looks like they may have the same MMR scale for Ranked and pub games.
played 1 game and lost

solo_competitive_rank: 5523
solo_competitive_rank_uncertainty: 746
solo_calibration_games_remaining: 9

edit: wacoo you type in console 'developer 1' and after 'dota_game_account_debug' and it will show your mmr if you played at least 1 game
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500 MMR
klaudiu where you get that info?

edit: ty :)
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klaudiu woot?
Fnatic pls dont disband :(
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i am afraid to play What if i wont have luck and I end up with 4 russians on my team on eu west english only
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I went 1-3. My 3 stack partners all decided to go midas carry builds... fing idiots don't read patch notes. I was pretty pissed at them, making me go support then throwing easy games. Also the matching seems much more broken then before, got two TERRIBLE earth spirits in both games, couldn't combo to save their real lives.
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random post from playdota by Lothloranffxi
"my second and third ranked games went pretty much like this.
2nd game. Lane bot, carry. Have support in lane with me, FUCK YEAH! Oh... he just auto attacked that creep to death.... He just did it again! WTF IS THIS GUY DOING!!! HE'S TOWER DIVING SLARK AT LEVEL THREE.....
3rd game pretty much the same.
Nothing's changed. "

solo lolo

Ranked winrate: 50%

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ranked stackers is it true that valve hid parties display at end game screen? :DDD

^ as expected this new rating is just your rating from normal match maker + rating influence from 10 placement games which is almost exactly like tmm
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@klaudio where is that info hidden? All is see is this

account_id: 59625555
wins: 1341
losses: 733
xp: 28
level: 153
initial_skill: 3
leaver_count: 21
low_priority_until_date: 1384307241
prevent_text_chat_until_date: 1379613353
prevent_voice_until_date: 1379613353
last_abandoned_game_date: 1386693717
leaver_penalty_count: 31
completed_game_streak: 20
teaching: 78
leadership: 98
friendly: 109
forgiving: 86
successful_report_count: 186
notify_successful_report: 0
account_disabled_until_date: 0
account_disabled_count: 0
showcase_hero_id: 70
match_disabled_until_date: 1386791731
match_disabled_count: 70
partner_account_type: PARTNER_NONE
low_priority_games_remaining: 0
recruitment_level: 0
recruiter: 0
recruitment_request_pending: true
secondary_leaver_count: 0
last_secondary_abandoned_game_date: 0
we fucking lost
You haven't played any ranked games while dota api were avaible. - Fuzzy wuzzy
I actually played 1 about 4 hours ago but it didnt count yet.
There is only 1 ranked MMR for solo and 1 for party? This means AP, CD and CM MMR will be the same? LOL volvo pls
@muted thanks val ve
You see who was stacking with who at the end of the game.
the first 10 matches are a test to see where you MIGHT do well in. These numbers will change over time
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dunno man this whole ranked shit seems to be like TMM
have you done more than 10?
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not but i read posts by people that did and it seemed like their ratings werent that far from tmm ones + regardless of performance in placement games

i didnt play single ranked game cba to play against 5 stacks as solo + 4
mm is fuckin broken as shit
check % in this game
every game is even more of a stomp then it was pre last patch
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MM can never fix games that snowball out of control

If you believe that you are better than your teammates then I have sad news for you. People give up easy in pubs and that kind of mentality can kill a game fast even if your team would have won later on.

The placement games are exactly what they are PLACEMENT it puts you where it thinks you might do well. When people continue to play they will increase or decrease. This isnt that DSR nonsense that 'thinks' it can determine the match outcome prior to the match starting. The number it gives you after the 10 matches is just a guess
Does it even show the percentile next to your score in RMM? I wouldn't ask if I could actually play the damn game.
Nice mine appeared, its 5030 is that much?
I have not played all the games yet, but I just checked with console.

solo_competitive_rank: 3783
solo_competitive_rank_uncertainty: 556

So I guess I take the lead of the button of the topic. GZ to me newbie :D
Sampson It`s not a guess is your rating. This is just 10 games,not making big difference even 1-9 score or 9-1 cos you are at your bracket and your similar mmr , same as your before (invisible mmr) at pub. `That`s just 10+ games and than count total lol.
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that wasnt placement game just look at winrates tell me mm isnt broken piece of shit
half hp underfarmed lc casts duel on full hp naix with 4 teammates behind him #legit mm
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everything over 4000 is good, so if you are over 5000 it is really good. not sure if 6000 is possible, but if it is that would be god-like status